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Genie Telehandlers

For Heavy-Duty Outdoor Projects

Genie telehandlers provide safe, powerful, and efficient performance for any heavy-duty outdoor project. Their designs provides optimal operator visibility, their chassis allow load control on slopes, and their large lifting capacities are ideal for moving large amounts of material in one trip. Here are some of the Genie telehandlers we have available right now.

Genie GTH-636

Max Capacity 6,000 lbs. I Max Lift Height 36'

With its 6,000 lb. capacity and 36' lift height, this heavy-duty yet compact machine is perfect for lifting applications in construction, landscaping, and agriculture. It provides maximum operator visibility due to it's right-side mount engine and open cab. It also has a proportional frame-leveling chassis, allowing you to pick up and place loads on side slopes up to 10 degrees.

Genie GTH-844

Max Capacity 8,000 lbs. I Max Lift Height 44'

With its excellent 8,000 lb. lift capacity and 44' max lift height, this machine is ideal for loading/moving materials on-site and cleaning up construction projects once completed. It has low-end torque with 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering for navigating hills and rough terrain. Load materials quickly and with precision using the multi-function proportional joystick control.

Genie GTH-1256

Max Capacity 12,000 lbs. I Max Lift Height 56'

If you're looking for productivity, look no further than the GTH-1256. Even with it's 12,000 lb. capacity and 56' max lift height, it is a very compact machine. It has a military-grade chassis design, keeping workers safe. It also comes with the standard Genie Quick attach system, and auxiliary hydraulics. The right-side mount engine and rear-mounted boom support provide maximum operator visibility.

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