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Hartford, WI -- Lebanon, TN

Historically, Stack Equipment (formerly TNT Stack) has been engaged in major purchases of used aerial work platforms. Whether being retired from a rental fleet or replaced by an industrial plant, we take used machines and find ways to add value. This value is added through repairing, refinishing, and remarketing equipment with the ultimate goal of introducing it back into the workforce.

Due to the nature of our services, our intent is to not only be a value-added supplier to our customers, but a smart purchaser of machines. In large-package purchases, we have the opportunity to find low-hour, lightly-used machines and extend their effective life with our services. Buying in bulk has allowed us to pass the savings onto our customers, who receive high-quality, trustworthy machines for a fraction of the price of newer versions of the same model. With our new location near Nashville, TN, we can help even more customers receive this value.

The savings our customers receive help create balanced rental fleets, which is essential to any rental company at any level of productivity. Whether it’s a slim year, an expansion year, or your company is developing a new market, our value-added equipment gets the job done efficiently at a significantly lower price.

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