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Buyer acknowledges the above described equipment as being sold "AS IS WHERE IS, WITH ALL FAULTS".  TNT Stack Equipment, Inc. ("Owner") makes no warranties or representations to Buyer whatsoever, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose with respect to the above-described property, except that Owner warrants that the equipment is free of all liens and encumbrances and that Owner has good right and title to convey the equipment.  Buyer acknowledges that adequate opportunity has been provided to personally inspect the subject equipment and is aware that proper and safe operation of this equipment is of paramount importance.  Buyer further acknowledges and understands that on  operation of this equipment, the user must ALWAYS be familiar with and follow the directions of the safety manual, owner's manual if available and all factory installed placards, decals and other stickers/warnings.  
Buyer also understands and acknowledges that they have an absolute duty to thoroughly inspect the purchased unit including adequacy and proper operating of all safety devices/features and make all necessary repairs for this equipment's safe operation.  In light of Buyer's inspection obligation above, Buyer further acknowledges waiving any ANSI requirement and comply standards that TNT Stack Equipment, Inc. inspect and comply with all ANSI requirements and comply standards regarding subject Equipment and that Buyer will inspect Equipment according to ANSI requirements and Buyer will comply to all ANSI requirements and standards concerning the above described equipment.